Headshots and Branding

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Corporate or resumé headshots, website and  social media profiles, modelling and acting comp cards, personal and business branding images.

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In this era of social media & web presence your online images have never been more important to the success of your business.  

Visual images are not only increasingly our first point of contact when navigating the net, they are what we rapidly scan to gain information & base our decision to even read on.

According to Forbes Magazine, times have changed in even the most recent past, and so too should our approach to our professional  presentation.  

Approaching your professional persona like a marketing project & selling  your  brand is what it’s all about.  

Your image & how it represents your brand is ultimately your most valuable marketing tool.  It gives a powerful insight into who you are, how you want your business to be perceived, & what the experience with working with you might be like.  

A big ask from a photo?

As an accredited professional photographer & a Masters in Business Communications graduate, working with you to create professional images that communicate your unique brand, make an impact, & elevate your business is a perfect fit for me.  

Your images will be creative.  Customised to you & your brand.  I specialise in directing & guiding you in front of the camera so you relax, look your best & exude confidence.  I know how the camera lens ‘sees’ – & trust me it’s not as our human eye sees. With my direction & subtle posing you are going to love being photographed.

Personal Branding with Shanon Quinn Photography is more than giving you customised professional photos for your website, social media, & all your business collateral.  

Your images will showcase your brand.  They will tell your brand’s story.  They will align with your website & business collateral design & written copy.  I can even help you with writing copy for your website if you need.  



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You’re at your best when working with your ideal client, so let’s make your first impression count & attract the clients that you’re the perfect fit for.  

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“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.

They went out and happened to things.”

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I have developed workbooks that give you the techniques to set your plans in motion, defining exactly what you & your business is about, how you want to be perceived, & how to go about achieving it.  Guided through this process, you will have a very clear vision of what you do, and why you do it.  You will be equipped to not only ensure that your professional images are impactful and valuable, but to springboard your devised branding strategies into every aspect of your business.

The workbooks help to formulate your branding needs and visions.  

I design and create your Personal Branding Photo Session to represent exactly what you and your business want to convey.  Together we work through your needs, get a plan in place, & develop implementation techniques to make you & your business shine.